Team Penn-Simrad's Best Bluefin Tuna Lures

Team Penn-Simrad's Best Bluefin Tuna Lures

Posted by Kelly 'Hooch' Hunt - Team PENN-SIMRAD Fishing on 8th Jul 2018

Winter bluefin tuna trolling can often mean "prospecting" and by that we mean hitting the shelf and covering the ocean looking to put some tuna lures over some fish.

In Tasmania there are more bluefin tuna fishing grounds than the ever popular Eagle Hawk Neck. These grounds are off the east coast from places like Swansea, Bicheno and St Helens.

This bluefin tuna lure spread is designed to get the bluefin's attention and create some awesome surface disturbance and smoke trails. If you are in a smaller trailer boat then running out your longer lures first is of advantage and saves the risk of tangles. In this spread its the  9MM in Sacred Saury. This is a small tuna lure but will run well in the shotgun position in good conditions. It will take a good sized hook and run well with a light gauge Raptor Alloy.

Next to go out is the Redbait Bunga at long rigger. This lure is perfect for bluefin tuna due to its weighted head and sits down in the water for those nervous fish. Once those two are out, the risk of a tangle are a lot less so the others can go out quickly.

The 6.5" Smoka in Sacred Saury can have a swim at short rigger. Yes that's two 'Sacred Saurys' in the spread because its that good for chasing bluefin tuna. It is a stone cold killer!

Long corner is the 8" Sprocket in the new Super Redbait colour combo. This lure has been crazy popular of late and this head shape will pull bubbles and create some surface disturbance.

Slot the big 10" Roach in Storm Cloud at short corner and watch it in bring the thunder and lightning! This lure pulls a smoke trail waggling as it goes to surface and pushes some serious water.

All you have to do now is troll them over some fish and let the fun begin. Enjoy and tight lines!!