Zacatak skirted game fishing lures are individually handcrafted. Our business is built on over twenty years experience in developing and implementing successful marlin and tuna lures. Over time, we’ve learnt what works… and what doesn’t. Every single skirted game fishing lure we produce has a superior quality that represents the workmanship and attention to detail that we uphold. Zacatak Lures are colour-tinted to complement each skirt combination. Our Lure skirts are of the highest quality and hold a reputation for being durable and resilient. They are available in a huge range of vibrant colours and are enhanced with various highlights to maximise light reflection and visibility for targeting marlintuna and other pelagics. New to offshore game fishing or just tired of trolling lures for hours on end with little or no success? Zacatak Lure Spreads take away all the guess work when it comes to choosing the best combination of marlin lures and tuna lures - and where to run them! We know what works and have hand-picked a selection of proven skirted game fishing lures to take your fishing to the next level!