Hooked on Titanium: Why You Need Raptor Alloy Hooks

Hooked on Titanium: Why You Need Raptor Alloy Hooks

Posted by Zacatak Lures on 3rd Nov 2015

There’s a reason we became interested in the Raptor Alloy Hooks. Well, to be honest there’s quite a few reasons. But at the forefront was the prospect of discovering a hook that could enhance the performance of a lure.

… And that’s exactly what these hooks do.

Raptor Alloys are manufactured by Kiwi Blue in New Zealand. They are a premium hook constructed of a unique aircraft grade alloy containing titanium, making them 30% lighter than steel and approximately five times the strength. Director of Crazy Fish Imports, Stu Cameron, can’t hide his enthusiasm.

 “It still blows me away that something the same gauge as a snapper hook in steel is so much lighter and stronger, capable of taking marlin!”

Raptor Titanium Alloy Hook by Kiwi Blye

Raptor Alloys are suitable for all size lures and line classes.

The light weight of the Raptor Alloys is perfect for gaining the maximum performance from your lures. Their strength allows the hooks to be used on fish many times larger than their size would otherwise dictate. The combination of fine diameter and high strength point mean good penetration even at low drags, which really make a huge difference!

The hooks also feature a blue coating that is virtually invisible in oceanic water.

“On many occasions I’ve pulled a lure in and freaked thinking I’ve lost the hook, only to lift the lure from the water and realise the hook is actually there!” says Stu.

Raptor Alloy Titanium Hooks by Kiwi Blue | Zacatak Lures

Raptor Alloy Hooks by Kiwi Blue - Available from Zacatak Lures

Sydney based angler, Brett “Changa” Chain tested the Raptor Alloys during a trip off Port Stephens.

“We actually forgot we’d run the Raptor Alloys… As the leader came out of the water, we went to give it the usual snap release but the fish felt the pressure and started dancing at the transom! We simply could not release the fish on the leader and had to bring it boat-side for hook removal. For such a light hook, their strength is phenomenal.”

“Since that day we tested more and more and to the point we are happy to run them from light tackle to heavy tackle 37kg which suits so many applications, especially those fishing smaller lures for the big SBT barrels down south. Hooks so light and long lasting make these hooks a MUST in our spreads these days.”

Raptor Alloys also have extraordinary corrosion resistance. The end result – a hook that is almost indestructible!

Raptor Alloys by Kiwi Blue are an O’Shaughnessy pattern in size 8/0. They have a gape of 25mm and an overall length of 70mm. You can pick up a pack by clicking here.

Zacatak Lures is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Kiwi Blue Hooks within Australia.