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Light Twin Hook Rig - Gamakatsu SL12S

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AUD$16.95 - AUD$19.95


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Zacatak's Light Twin Hook Rigs have been specifically developed for use with light tackle outfits. The super sharp chemically sharpened hooks are the best shape available for maximising hook up rates when trolling skirted lures.

This light tackle rig features two chemically sharpened Gamakatsu Big Game Saltwater Series SL12S hooks which come rigged with 12 feet of 200 pound Shogun Ice Blue leader. Each rig is also supplied with a rigging washer (to help prevent leader fatigue and abrasion against the back of the lure head), a matching crimp and piece of chafe tube.

We strongly recommend you run all Zacatak twin hook rigs at 60 degrees with the points aligned with the top of the skirt. Fine tuning of the hooks can be achieved by twisting the trailing hook and wire.

  • Hook Size 6/0: Suitable for Extra Small lures
  • Hook Size 8/0: Suitable for Small lures
  • Hook Size 10/0: Suitable for Medium lures

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