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Lure Skirts

In the event that a lure skirt becomes damaged and requires replacement or the colour combination is simply not working for you, Zacatak Lures provides the option of purchasing replacement lure skirts. All Zacatak skirts are of the highest quality in terms of skin density and colour, and may be used for both inner and outer skirting. Zacatak lure skirts have a strong reputation for being durable and resilient, and are available in a full range of vibrant colours. The majority of our lure skirts are enhanced by glitter, luminescence, optical brighteners and/or an oily finish, to increase light reflection and visibility when targeting marlin, tuna and other pelagics.

Skirting a lure is a quite an easy process and enables the angler to interchange colours to replicate the predominant bait species within a location. Changing just one or both skirts can breathe new life into an aging lure. Browse Zacatak’s vast collection of lure skirts below.