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  • Mustad Stainless Steel Game Fishing Hook 7691 10/0
  • Mustad Stainless Steel Hooks 7691S Size Chart

Mustad 7691S Stainless Steel Game Fishing Hook


Product Description

Mustad 7691s Southern & Tuna pattern game fishing hook, forged and constructed of stainless steel. Knife edge point ensures solid hookups featuring a closed gape with bevelled point. Great holding power once set. An excellent choice for hook rigs on skirted lures but may also be used for bait rigging or live baiting.

  • Hook Size 6/0: Length 84mm, Gape 35m
  • Hook Size 7/0: Length: 60mm, Gape: 22mm
  • Hook Size 8/0: Length: 67mm, Gape: 24mm
  • Hook Size 9/0: Length: 75mm, Gape: 28mm
  • Hook Size 10/0: Length: 84mm, Gape: 35mm
  • Hook Size 11/0: Length: 91mm, Gape: 40mm
  • Hook Size 12/0: Length: 101mm, Gape: 43mm