Tiny Single Hook Rig - Raptor Alloy

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Designed especially for our range of 5" lures, these rigs are the ultimate single hook rig for Tiny Midge and Tiny 9mm lures. The rigs are streamlined to ensure that you get the best action from your Tiny 5" lures, but are also built with quality components to handle big game fish.

This tiny rig feaures a single 8/0 Raptor Alloy hook by Kiwi Blue. Raptor Alloys are a premium hook constructed of a unique aircraft grade alloy containing titanium, making them 30% lighter than steel and approximately five times the strength. The result - hook that is almost indestructible! 

The light weight of the Raptor Alloy hooks is perfect for gaining the maximum performance from your lures. Their strength allows the hooks to be used on fish many times larger than their size would otherwise dictate. The hooks also features a blue coating that is virtually invisible in oceanic water.

Each rig is also supplied with 10 feet of 150 pound Shogun Ice Blue leader, a matching crimp and piece of chafe tube.

  • Hook size: 8/0
  • Raptor Alloy
  • Leader: 10 feet / 150lb
  • Line class: 4kg to 24kg
  • Recommended for Tiny 5" lures.

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